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city of Veliko Tarnovo, 5000, street "Bacho Kiro" 5
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Hut Bacho Kiro
Hut Bacho Kiro Dryanovo is situated 293 meters monastery altitude is 300 meters from the monastery "St. Archangel Michael". It is a massive three-storey building with floor WCs and bathrooms. The top floor is renovated. Heating by electric heaters. There is a tourist canteen, restaurant and wireless internet. By building an asphalt road, in front of the lodge has a large parking lot. The building is water and electricity.
The nearest bus stop is a starting point Dryanovo monastery main highway between the towns of Gabrovo and Dryanovo and railway stop between stations Dryanovo Monastery Dryanovo Tsareva livada, which were on the fourth main line Ruse - Podkova.
In the hut are not available for self-pregotvyane food!
Atmosphere / atmosphere of the hut

The hut is a massive three-storey building with 75 beds in rooms with 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 beds with internal floor sinks, baths and toilets are always hot water. The building has water and electricity, heated by electric stoves. Has a canteen and canteen. The path to the hut is asphalt, parking.
Dining and Restaurant:

         The ground floor has a dining room for their own travel food heating wood stove and air-conditioned restaurant with waiter service with well-developed cuisine. After 21.00 hours for visitors to the hut arrange for large group disco with DJ.
Sport and Health

   In the cabin there is a possibility to conduct "School in Nature", children's camps, seminars and training sessions throughout the year.
   Offers very good conditions for sports. Nearby the resort are suitable for hiking, orienteering, ARDF, climbing and caving.
   Opportunities for cultural tourism in the region are enormous. Nearby is an architectural and ethnographic museum "Etara" Sokolski Monastery and Bozhentsi, located a few miles from the lodge.
   Nearby is a cave "Bacho Kiro" and camping "Strinava."
                       PRICES FOR SEASON

Price per night - 6 euro
The price includes tourist tax and VAT.
Using its own tourist canteen food 0.50 euro per person!


                - Breakfast - 1.5 euro
                - Lunch - 2.5 euro
                - Dinner - 3.5 euro
Camping "Strinava"

    Located 200 meters from the hut "Bacho Kiro". Camp has a capacity of 50 beds. Accommodation is in wooden bungalows with 2 or 3 beds. Camping has a large paved parking and possibility to park caravans and tents. Common toilets and bathrooms.
  Seasonal work!!

- Overnight - 5 euro / bed;
- Overnight in own tent / 1 person / - 2 euro;
- Overnight own caravan / 1 person / - 5.50 euro.

Neighboring tourist sites:
- Utilities Bacho Kiro - 0.1 kilometers. west of the hut,
- Dryanovo Monastery - against the hut, on the opposite bank of the river
- Waterfall Blue Pool - 0.15h.,
- Camping Strinava - 0.10h.

Starting points: Gabrovo - 15km. Dryanovo - 7km. Bacho Kiro - 0.25h. Careva Livada - 0.40h.