* Nearby is a swimming pool and leisure facilities, offering national and international cuisine, drinks and cocktails.
    * A variety of tours and excursions along the marked trails.


Accommodation / Food       / OB /      / FB /

Double room                       21euro   29 euro
Triple room                         31euro   43 euro
bedroom / 2 + 2 /                36euro

Children under 4 years are free!
/ OB / - per night
/ FB / - breakfast, lunch and dinner
Placement of the student groups based / FB / price is 12 Euro per student. 15 students a head for free!

All the above prices are in Euro, referring to the day room, placed in appropriate facilities and include: 7% VAT, insurance and resort fee.
Atmosphere / ambiance of the hotel
   In the hotel, we expect excellent service and friendly atmosphere. Extremely cozy and relaxing, this hotel is ideal for family vacations and zelinina beautiful surroundings and proximity of the mountain make a unique sense of comfort.
Features / Comfort Room
-Furnished with two single beds or three in fresh colors, wardrobe, coffee table, chairs, bedside tables, mirror and satellite TV.
The bathroom is fully equipped with shower.
Some of the rooms have balconies.
Relax** resort - Shipkovo
   Rehabilitation basis of abs Shipkovo is located in the central part of the resort on the right bank of the river Shipkovski near the fountains with different types of mineral waters. The building has four floors with a total of 47 rooms, including the 39th with two beds and 8 with three beds. Each room has a private bathroom: toilet, bathroom with shower, hot and cold water and cable TV. In possible basis for WiFi wireless Internet access.
The building has no lift and is designed to serve people with wheelchairs. On the first floor are the reception and restaurant with 110 seats. In 2006 and 2007 base was repaired.
-The restaurant has 110 seats. Guests can enjoy delicious and varied menu, and traditional Bulgarian cuisine, prepared with skill and craftsmanship. Available breakfast, lunch and dinner meals and intermediate with hot and cold snacks.

There are more - drinks, beer, coffee, tea, hot drinks, mineral water, brandy, vodka, rum, white and red wine, gin, tequila, soda and various cocktails.
-One bedroom apartment
It consists of a spacious living room, small living room, balcony and bathroom.
The living room is furnished with a sofa or armchair with stool in fresh colors, coffee masa, mirror, satellite TV, telephone. The bedroom has twin beds or double bed with wardrobe, bedside lamps, dressing table and chair. Fully equipped bathroom with shower.
Resort "Shipkovski Spa is located near the village Shipkovo in the northern slopes of Central Stara Planina height of 680 meters above sea level. This spring three springs whose water affects beneficial in the treatment of diseases of: musculoskeletal, peripheral nervous system, arthrosis, arthritis, neuritis, discopathy, plexitis, post bone fractures, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and liver - such bile. Mineral water has a temperature of 18C * to 38C *. 100 meters from the base is specialized balneolechebnitsa with medical staff and open mineral pool, which operate from 01.07 to 15.09, the exact dates of opening and closing is determined depending on weather conditions. Two of the three sources are mineral water, and the third is for external use.
The climate is mild with average temperatures of +23 C * to +30 C * in the summer and up to-5C * +8 C * in the winter. The area is hilly. Pine forests abound. There is an excellent opportunity for light and pleasant walking tours. The air is always crisp and very clean.
The resort is 190 km. from Sofia, as the starting point is the town of Troyan, from where there are convenient bus connection to the village and rehabilitation facilities "Shipkovo.
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