Walking tour of mountain and sea

             Three days offer you an unforgettable experience in the realm of the Central Stara Planina and 6 days near the beach in the resort Ravda.
             First day - a starting point for hiking routes is the historic peak Shipka / there can be reached by bus from Gabrovo and Kazanlak /.
From Shipka to recreation facilities Buzludzha hikes is 2.30 hours along a marked path / to / resort Buzludzha stay includes: 1 night, 1 breakfast, 1 dinner and 1 dinner /.
             Second day - after breakfast 4 hours walking along a marked path, which is part of international route Kom - Emine hut Bulgarka accommodation in the hut at noon / lunch, dinner, bed, breakfast /
             Third day - departure from the hut Bulgarka after breakfast -1.30 hours walking along a marked path to Krastets.
                 From Krastets train station to Bourgas.
                 From Bourgas Ravda resort to the bus.
Arrival and accommodation facilities in the afternoon.
Ravda stay is six days / 6 nights and 6 full meals /.
             Ninth day - breakfast, beach, preparing for departure, lunch and departure to station Burgas.
Price - 150 euro.
It includes:
- insurance
- Nine full meals + / dry pack for the third day when traveling by train /
-transport from Krastets station near Bourgas Train and reserved seats
-transport from Burgas - a resort Ravda - Burgas Bus
-guide / driver /;
-medical person.
Price does not include transportation to the starting point - and vr.Shipka return from Burgas.
Package is valid for groups of 15 and over 15 students, 15 students as a leader with the right to free komandirovachni.
Cruising holiday is subject to change at the request of the head!

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walking tour of mountain and sea