Tryavna is situated in the valley of the Tryavna River at the northern foot of Tryavna Mountain in the Balkan Mountain, 20 km east of Gabrovo.
     The city offers many attractions in Renaissance style. The old part of town was declared an architectural reserve with about 140 examples of Renaissance architecture:
     Daskalov House - in 1804, which houses the Museum of woodcarving and icon painting;
     Museum Slaveikova House - 1830;
     House museum and monument "Angel";
     House of the Good Old (1834);
     Popangelov house (end of XVIII century) - the oldest in the city;
     Raykova House (1846);
     Church St. Archangel Michael from 1819

Occurs in the second half of 12 century with the name "Trnava". In Tryavna Balkan in 1192 the Bulgarian kings Asen and Peter defeated the troops of Emperor Isaac II Angelos. The oldest official reports of Tryavna to the time of Ottoman rule - 15/16 century. There appears to name settlement Tryavna.

GAP-TOURS in Tryavna offers recreation, accommodation and reservations in hotels, houses, resorts and holiday homes.
For your walk and diversity are prepared:
- Day trips to the museum, Sokolski Monastery, Borovets, Dryanovo Monastery, Dryanovo cave, Gabrovo, Brian Buzludja.
- Walks Nature Park Balgarka Bulgarka hut, shelter and Chapel St. John of Rila - the peak Krastez, Poraklis Faith Hope and Love - Buzovets Eco Trail Buzovets and shelter Buzovets Mt.
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